• Continental Breakfast- bagels, fruit, yogurt, toast, granola, orange juice, milk, coffee, cinnamon bread

  • American Breakfast

  • Eggs, bacon or sausage with hashbrowns and toast

  • Omelets- create your own

  • Pancakes, waffles or French toast

  • Biscuits and Gravy


Fry Jacks

Fry-Jacks at Casa Nex ta Sea
  • Fry Jacks with beans and rice (must try)

  • Breakfast tacos or burritos with beans and rice (must try)


  • Sandwiches – Ham, Turkey or Chicken. Wraps available. Chips or choose a side

  • Roll ups- Deliciousness! Must Try!!

  • Ceviche- Shrimp, chicken, conch or lobster. Local Favorite!


  • Curry Dish- with a choice of Beef, Chicken or Seafood. Sides include rice and beans, salad or veggie.

  • Pasta Dish- with choice of Beef, Chicken or Seafood. Sides include rice and beans, salad and veggie.

  • Stir Fry with choice of beef, chicken or veggie. Choice of side.

  • American Dish- Hamburgers, Chicken or Seafood with fries. Includes wraps

  • Grilled Dish-BBQ, Porch Chops, Ribs or sausage with a choice of sides.

  • Tacos and Burritos- local style with homemade sauce.

  • Seafood Dish- Lobster, Crab claws or fresh fish with choice of sides and salad.

  • Fajitas- Choice of Beef or Chicken with rice and beans

Special Occasions

Lets Celebrate Your Special Occasion in Belize


  • Ceviche

  • Local Branded items available only. Chips, dips and breads, etc.

Rum Punch - a must try!


  • Drinks include

  • Coke products, water, orange juice, tea, coffee and local juices (must try)

  • Alcohol included

  • Local Rum-White, Dark, Coconut and Wine- red or white.

Rum Punch